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7-weeks said:
Your poem about September was soft and violently truthful at the same time; words like that are powerful. I commend you.

oh, thank you. “soft and violently truthful” is what i hope to create, it’s what i hope my words will embody. thank you. 

2014: september

september was rebuilding the
wreckage from the storm
with two good hands
and desire settling in my heart. 
there is tenderness 
in the way flowers still grow
in cracked sidewalks. 
there is bravery in standing 
in the belly of a cloud 
with nothing but the wind
howling in your chest 
to keep you moving forward.


Anonymous said:
Read this today & it made me think of you: "For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth." #starfactoftheday #speciallyforyou

mmm there is something so honest about those words. thank you for thinking of me!!

stay away from people who give out bad vibes

Anonymous said:
Do you have any poems regarding hard nights and suicidal thoughts? Your words are helpful and lately a lot of my friends seem ready to give up on life

i am so glad to exist in the same universe and at the same time as all of you, the softness and bravery you hold in your hearts makes me believe in everything a little more. 

Anonymous said:
Your post about being an incomplete circle, about being "so mad u just sit there with a blank face but inside ur fucking exploding", well that's me. I'm this chaotic storm packed tightly with an outward smile trying so desperately to hold myself together...but I can't any longer. I'm going to explode and I'm afraid I won't be able to put the pieces together again. You know? Pls, I could really use a drop of kindness bc I want to believe that everything will be ok someday. But I just don't know

you can only hold in so much for so long before you become heavy, before you embody every angry thought and feeling you have stored inside of you. you are under no obligation to carry the weight of the world. shout into the void, let the clouds carry the storm, play angry music on full volume, break something inanimate. you’ve got to let it out because you’ll feel lighter by the end of it, and if worse comes to worst, you’ve got to believe you can rebuild yourself. call it growth, call it starting over, call it whatever you want. it’ll be okay, i love you, it’ll be okay. 

“smooth skin stitches storms,
silence spills scarred stories,
space sings stars slumber.”
A.Y // small symphonies: a haiku

today i am an incomplete circle. something almost there but not quite not just yet. today i lost my voice in the wind. somewhere between the moment i woke up and breakfast. there’s no softness in me left. i’m all harsh light and sharp edges. every gentle touch turns out to scar. there’s an angry storm in my chest that stings and makes me hate everything i have ever loved. tonight i have stopped trusting the stars. tonight they’re just dots. it’s all heavy heavy heavy. but tomorrow. maybe tomorrow. remember lightly my darling. lightly lightly lightly. 


“You have been building these walls
and you’re running out of air.
You tell yourself
it wasn’t meant to turn out like this
because it wasn’t.
There’s a howling in your chest
that just won’t quiet down
but it’s the only thing that keeps you going.
You have forgotten
what the sun looks like,
that the horizon is never-ending,
how the sky embodies every feeling of blue.
It wasn’t meant to turn out like this.
Tell me, what do you do when
there’s no air left in you?
We were never taught
how to breathe.”
A.Y // there’s no air in space
“Have you realised that, in
one way or another,
we’re always falling?
In love.
In place.
Out of love.

This is how you paint the walls
with every colour
that hasn’t existed yet.
Fill your fists with
the memory of the wind
slipping through
and listen.
Tell me,
what do you hear?

Have you ever wondered
why we fall as if we are
destined for it?
Maybe some things just can’t
be experienced unless
we give in to gravity.
Come out the other side with
grazed knees,
pink cheeks, and
pockets full of
dreams and heartbreaks.”
A.Y // we’re not here to defy gravity
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People I’d like to have coffee with…





Anthea fly over here so we can get coffee with Daisy.

hold on, give me a day and i’ll be there.

“1. My body is a cemetery
of all the things I never
had the courage to do.

2. My mouth, a graveyard.
Buried six feet under
are all the words that died
on my tongue before
I could say them.

3. These days, my feet
only know how to go backwards.
My arms are
feeling nostalgic
so I’m taking a trip
down memory lane,
I’m visiting all the ghosts
I have left behind. But
they have nothing new to say.
They’re still haunting
the same stories.”
A.Y // a heart full of skeletons
"I’m bleeding, I’m not just making conversation." - Richard Siken, Wishbone

a very tiny soul living in an awfully vast universe. resides in the middle of everywhere. spends a lot of time staring into the infinity that is the night sky. falls in love with no one in particular. a lot. owner of a nomadic heart. always lost and frankly doesn’t ever want to be found. but drop her in the middle of the ocean and she’ll find herself. a collection of verbs. enjoys talking about space and anything that brings her closer to the unknown. like rooftops and hotel rooms situated on floor twenty and above. full of facts that nobody really wants to hear. believes in people, light, and the stars that guide her home every night. finds comfort in open fields and salt water and skating down a steep hill. always thinking of quitting bad habits but never actually does. writes a lot of letters left unsent. writes a lot of lists. writes until she is nothing but a collection of words. scared of many things none of which is the dark. warning: fragile, handle with care.
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